Kuntala Waterfalls

We went on a trip to KUNTALA WATERFALLS, Adilabad. It is approximately 250kms from Hyderabad and is situated on NH7 Nirmal-Nagpur highway. Kuntala waterfalls are about 40kms from Nirmal. We were 30 in number and engaged a mini-bus for the trip.

We started from our office (Tarnaka, Hyderabad) at midnight and reached Nirmal town at 5 am next day morning. We checked into the hotels in Nirmal and started for Kuntala at 9 in the morning. Another 1.5 hour and we were into the dense forest with lots of fresh breeze and the sound of water flow. We parked our vehicle and started walking.

We had to climb down 408 steps to reach the waterfalls. So, another half an hour and we were at the foot of the waterfall the highest waterfalls in AP (45 meters). River Kadem flows through the dense forest, water gushes out from the rocks and falls from a height of 45 meters. It was spectacular to watch water splash down and turn into whirls.

Tried climbing the rocks, but they were slippery. Few of us could climb the rocks and reached the top. There was a security guard taking care of the visitors and warning us of the sticky nature of rocks. We played in the water for 3-4 hours and were reluctant to come back. But then we were hungry and so had to come back. We took with us all the ingredients to cook food this has been a tradition with us at Osmosys. We cook food at least once when we go on any trip. We started cooking Vegetable Biryani and in less then 45 minutes the food was ready, thanks to the team. The piping hot Biryani with pickels and Bajjis was super.

After finishing our lunch, we noticed that there was plenty of plastic waste thrown in the area by previous visitors. As this is not yet a popular and well maintained area, this plastic junk was not cleaned. So, we all collected the plastic waste and in less than 15 minutes we could collect a big heap of plastic waste, and then we burnt it. Burning may not be the best thing to do, but that at least made the place cleaner for visitors.

We again went near the water and played games on the rocks. It was 6 pm by then and we started climbing the steps after 6 in the evening visitors/tourists are not allowed. We reached the hotel by 8 pm in the night. It was a tiring journey back home. Overall the trip was very exciting and stays back in our memories for many days.

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