CRM 2011: Skype and Bing Integration

With Skype being integrated with MS CRM 2011 out of the box, it gives greater access to people/customers and changes the way we communicate with customers.

Skype Integration:

With Skype we can make calls straight from CRM without the need for a Phone Integration. Of course for this to work, Skype needs to be installed on the user’s machine and we should have the facility to call from Skype

How to use Skype from CRM:

Step1: Set the telephony provider to SKYPE for CRM

Settings–>Administration–>System Settings–>set the telephony provider to SKYPE

**Also set the default country/region code prefixing



Open any of the CRM record and click on the phone number hyperlink.

(**Phone numbers are now displayed as hyperlinks)


Step3: It opens the Skype call, accept it


Step 4: You can notice a new Phone Call’ record opened…enter the call details and save it after the call is done.

If the call was not taken by the customer and it was on voice mail, check the Left voice mail’ and save it



Bing Maps:

Bing Maps are integrated within the CRM. The location of primary address of lead/contact/account is displayed by default.


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