MS CRM Online CRM Authentication using MS CRM 4 SDK

Microsoft has upgraded all MS CRM 4 online instances to 2011 quite a while ago. Many users’ utilize custom solutions (ASPX etc.) which connect to the online instance and provide additional or advanced features. It is likely that all such solutions still use MS CRM SDK v 4.0. Although Microsoft and best practices dictate that all such code should be upgraded to MS CRM 2011 SDK, it is again likely that the time and cost involved could’ve prevented many.

This article is for all such users’ who could’ve experienced sudden trouble with WILD ticket retrieval. It also assumes that code similar to the attachment/below is used to get a WILD ticket.

switch (environment)
case "INT":
url = @"";
case "PPE":
url = @"";
case "":
case null:
case "PROD":
url = @"";
throw new ArgumentException("environment is not valid", "environment");

Text highlighted in red above points to the URL which is supposed to give back the WILD ticket, which is not working anymore, it is throwing the below error:


This makes all the code/portals useless as the code can’t be upgraded to 2011 at such a short notice. Other approach one can consider is to use Login Manager found in”idcrlwrapper.dll” (sdk\server\helpers\cs\idcrlwrapper). But this has the huge disadvantage of not working in Medium to Low trust levels and causes other kind of grief. Perfect solution to use would be to find the correct URL to get the WILD ticket, but internet searching yielded nothing. After spending much time on this we’ve finally found the URL that works with the existing code and it is Hope this helps a distressed soul to fix and up the code immediately.

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