Dynamics CRM Portal Using Orchard CMS

Orchard is an open source Content Management System which is built on ASP.NET MVC platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with Orchard, to create CRM web portals. Jim Wang created one such CRM Module for Orchard.


Dynamics CRM web portal is a front end application which is built as module in Orchard CMS. It supports Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011,2013 and 2015 (online and on premise).

This portal allows to view/add/modify the MSCRM records within our own website (built using Orchard CMS) without logging into CRM.

To associate the Orchard portal to MSCRM, we need to specify the Dynamics CRM connection string (the web portal module reads the connection string and stores it in database).


Once the connection string is specified correctly, we can load the CRM profile page. For the first time we have to specify login user details (it refers to a CRM Contact).


In the current version of Orchard CRM Web Portal, it supports:

  • CRM Profile
  • CRM Cases
  • CRM Customers
  • CRM Orders
  • CRM Service CalendarΓö¼├í

By using this module, users can view CRM cases , Customers, Orders, Scheduled Services and insert/create new case/customer/order/service or update the existing record details into CRM.

What Osmosys did?

We did modifications to the existing Orchard Dynamics CRM module, importance being given to User Interface.

  • Opportunity entity is added, where user(s) can create and update existing CRM Opportunity records from the portal itself.
  • Modified the look and feel of the application using jqGrid and jQuery.Grid plugin is used to display the list views of the records.

Opportunity entity –


Service Calendar –


You can download the latest Orchard CRM Module from here

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