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Upgrading CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011

The latest version of CRM is out and many of the CRM users would like to upgrade to the latest without losing the data. This post explains the step by step procedure to be followed to upgrade the CRM 4.0 On-premise to CRM 2011 On-Premise.

1) Backup existing 4.0 CRM database:
For this login to SQL server (on which the current database exists) . Go to that database, right click and click on Tasks –> Backup, then it will show SQL database backup wizard. Give a name to backup and browse for a location where we want to keep the database and click OK.

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CRM 2011 Features -Part II

From developer’s perspective, CRM 2011 has a lot of new features to offer. In this post we take a peep into the below listed concepts,
– Customization of forms
– Filtered lookup
– Field level security

Customizations can be done in the Settings area. And as stated in earlier post, a form of an entity can be customized right within the entity itself.
One of the exciting new features in CRM 2011 is the ability of having different forms for different user roles. There are two forms (named as Information) by default one for main form and one for mobile.

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Kuntala Waterfalls

We went on a trip to KUNTALA WATERFALLS, Adilabad. It is approximately 250kms from Hyderabad and is situated on NH7 Nirmal-Nagpur highway. Kuntala waterfalls are about 40kms from Nirmal. We were 30 in number and engaged a mini-bus for the trip.

We started from our office (Tarnaka, Hyderabad) at midnight and reached Nirmal town at 5 am next day morning. We checked into the hotels in Nirmal and started for Kuntala at 9 in the morning. Another 1.5 hour and we were into the dense forest with lots of fresh breeze and the sound of water flow. We parked our vehicle and started walking.

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CRM Organization Import

Recently we did a CRM Organization import where the SQL Database dump was provided by the client. Restoring the database and Importing it into CRM happened smoothly, but when we tried to access the new organization 404 – Not Found’ error was displayed.
Restarted the machine as the database restoration and organization import took considerable time and CPU/Memory. This time got an error as shown below:

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